A 2016 Year-in-Crafting Review

My 2016 in cosplay and crafting. Looking forward to another year of creating!

1. Arcade Riven from League of Legends
2. Pachimari from Overwatch
3. Ravio’s Shop Weapons from A Link Between Worlds
4. Junkrat’s RIP-Tire from Overwatch
5. Sigrun Mercy Backpack from Overwatch
6. Sigrun Mercy from Overwatch


Check out LiquidFire!

Because there can never be too many plush Transistors in the world, check out this incredible plush Transistor made by LiquidFire! For more works by this incredible artist, please feel free to visit her at DeviantArt and Etsy!


Follow Me on Instagram

In an effort to stay hip and bring an Agile flair to my workflow, I am now on Instagram (@soj00Cosplay)! I’ll be sharing my latest projects as they are in progress, as opposed to waiting until the end to post my completed build log here. An unintended side effect I’m sure, will be the transparency into my severely unoptimized design process…


The Craft Blog v2.0

I started my blog exactly 3 years ago (with the making of Makar) and, after 3 years of using the same theme, it seemed like a good time for change.

Goodbye Spun, we’ve had our good times. Let’s see how we work out together Sketch.