Napstablook from tobyfox’s Undertale

I’m a sucker for games with a great storyline, great soundtrack, and great art, and it’s been a while since a game was able to assault my feels in the same way Undertale has. I can’t say that I’ve ever been great at bullet hell (read: I am terrible at bullet hell), but the sheer personality and depth of the game won me over.


One of the characters that really resonated with me was the spooky-not-spooky ghost Napstablook.


So I could have a companion in my own journey of self-reflection while laying on the ground, I decided to make him my plush friend.


I started drafting his pattern by doing a pixel-length ratio comparison off of his in-game sprite. Then, after deciding about how big I wanted Napstablook to be IRL, I made a rough pattern.

Going back to basic shapes for Napstablook!

The pattern was fairly simple as it was just a combination of rectangles and circles. Similar to how I made my Transistor, I needed a way to draw circular arcs and I didn’t own a compass. And, despite having made my Transistor over a year ago, I learned nothing and still do not own a compass. I ended up tracing household objects that were roughly the correct diameter that I needed (this time, I used the inner diameter of a roll of painter’s tape and a weight).

For some reason I wanted to make his little ghost feet stand out, so I ended up making them rounded and plump (which I guess made them look more Legend-of-Zelda-ChuChu/Pac-Man-ghost-like…). A little bit of regret in this design choice as his feet ended up bowing outwards a bit too much and required some degree of massaging to make them stand straight.

Making his little ghost feet.

I then had to sew his face in place before assembling the front and back sides of the body. The face pieces was sewn on via zigzag stitch, with a little bit of fabric glue to hold them in place during the stitch. His mouth was actually the inside cutout of one of his eyes, but carefully massaged until it looked the right amount of sadness.

oh. . . hello there. . .

The front and back sides of his body were assembled, and then a base sewn in around his feet (not shown because I suck and forgot to take pictures).

Main body fully assembled!

I ended up not documenting the headphone-making process (because guess what, I still suck) but they were constructed from 2 fabric pancakes stuffed with a few layers of craft batting, and a rectangular tube. The headphones were sewn on, and all final stitches were hidden in the space between the headphones and Napstablook’s head :|

Napstablook, completed!

Finally done! Napstablook was ready to be my new sad friend!

Really not feelin up to it right now. Sorry.

Pattern created by me!