Egg Bag


The Egg Bag from Clamp’s Cardcaptor Sakura

I’ve been looking for a cosplay-day bag and, inspired by my latest magical girl escapade, a Cardcaptor Sakura bag seemed like the perfect choice.

The Egg Bag!

Thankfully the internet is a wonderful resource for crafts, which meant that I didn’t have to hash together a mediocre pattern that would fall apart instantly :|. I ended up using a fantastic tutorial from Choly Knight (which I would highly recommend if you’d like to make your own bag, the whole tutorial was one little bundle of convenience.)

Assembling the pattern. Super easy courtesy of Choly Knight!

I hadn’t really anticipated this project being a learning-major-new-skills project, however following this tutorial taught me the power of basting (instead of pinning like crazy and hoping that everything stays together through your sewing machine). It was also my first time assembling something with a lining, so +1 for seamstressing!

Installing the zipper.

As per most of my crafts, I took some creative liberty with this pattern. I ended up serging a lot of the raw edges (because to be honest, I love my serger) and ended up topstitching over some of the seams to make them crisper.

Finishing up the zipper section, and then attaching the top and bottom portions of the bag.

One regret that I had with this project was my choice of fabric: I felt that the canvas I selected for the outer shell was a little too lightweight for a bag, and that the liner fabric was a bit too stretchy and soft. Still, it was refreshing to work with a new material as my defaults are usually fleece for plush and knit for cosplay :P

Assembling the inside pocket and the back panel of the bag (front panel not shown). Also if you look carefully, you can see that the liner fabric is actually heart patterned <3
Sewing the straps!
The main body of the bag… finished!

Sewing the wings was actually somewhat fun. I ended up sewing the spirals on by hand (I was a little too paranoid to shove a plush yellow dinosaur into my sewing machine) but it was oddly satisfying.

Sewing the wings! They looked like tiny dinosaurs. Or, tiny Envys a la Fullmetal Alchemist… I guess…

Going back to what I said about creative liberty, I ended up attaching the wings pointing downwards instead of upwards as per the tutorial. Sewing the wings onto the bag was probably the hardest part of the tutorial for me, as there was a lot of effort that went into trying to keep the wings even (and… I may or may not have sewn into the lining on a few occasions and was too lazy to redo those stitches…)

The completed Egg Bag! In all of its adorable delicious goodness!
The completed Egg Bag!

And finally, my very own Egg Bag was completed! It’ll probably be coming soon to my next conventions :)

Pattern by Choly Knight!