Pachimari from Overwatch

If only we could queue to Hanamura every time…

I’ve been trying to recover from spending endless weekends working on cosplay (now that my Arcade Riven has since been completed and debuted) and Overwatch has been a great way to get back into my normal grove (of… spending every weekend indoors and in front of my computer…)

Making the main head and face.

I was lucky enough to have some leftover beige fabric from the time my significant other made me a surprise Gurpgork for my birthday, which was nice since apparently beige doesn’t make an appearance in many, if not any, of my previous crafts.

The head was constructed from 4 petals, with the face sewn on prior to sewing all of the 4 petals of the head closed. The face detailing was first attached using fabric glue (as pinning could have caused the tiny details to bunch up a bit) and then sewn on using a zig-zag stitch. The eyes were leftover craft eyes that I had from previous anthropomorphic crafts I’ve made.

Patterning out the leaves/roots took a lot of fancy guesswork and luck. They ended up looking like tiny elf shoes ._.

The leaves/roots were a little strange to pattern, so I first made paper mock-ups before committing it to my fabric.

Once the head and leaves/roots were completed, all that was left was copious stuffing and hand stitching to bring the parts together.

The leaves/roots completed, and everything nice and plump before they get joined together!

This was definitely quicker than my usual crafting times, taking about 8 hours to pattern and complete. I guess now I’ll have a little friend to toss around if I’m ever waiting for anything in real life to start ;A;