Drifloon from Pokémon

I’ve been meaning to make a case for my 3DS, and with PAX Prime just around the corner, my StreetPass is ready.


It’s been a while since my last (and first) crochet project, but with my sewing machine out of commission it seemed like a reasonable weekend project.

Hoping that the muscle memory would take over as I tried to remember how to do this…

For the details I decided to stick with felt since: (1) it’s easy to work with, and (2) I happened to have bags of every possible color of felt imaginable.

Looks a little weird with a rectangular face, but good enough.

By the time I got to the flap piece I finally got the hang of crocheting again. At least for the first pieces I did (for the main body) all of the ugly edges got hidden away.

I ended up deciding on Velcro for the closure for ease of use. That, and also because as I was finishing up the flap I forgot to incorporate a button hole. Totally intentional choices though.

Now he has a tiny hat!

His little “legs” were made by braiding pieces of yarn threaded through the bottom of the case. The edges were tied off and hidden inside of his tiny heart-shaped “feet”.

Tiny feet!

The case completed, and the 3DS fits snug!

The completed case! He will kidnap you with those tiny hands. Read a Pokédex people.

Pattern adapted from Fruppi.
Pattern adjusted by me using my 3DS for sizing.