Red from Supergiant Games’s Transistor

I had about 3 different ideas for PAX Prime 2014, and this was not among the original ones.

Red from Supergiant Games’s Transistor.

I didn’t think I would ever go with a character that I wouldn’t be able to pull off with my more-or-less regular appearance, however this year I decided to do something different: a cosplay with an emphasis on the prop rather than the costume.

I cheated a little with this one as I realized I wasn’t much of a costume crafter as I was a craft… crafter… The jacket came from somewhere hidden in my wardrobe, and the scarf and dress from H&M. I did however, make the belt (with no picture proof since I never thought I’d actually post them. Best idea.)

Wanted to at least make an attempt at being accurate. Also came to the crippling realization that I am terrible at nail polish.
Picked up some yellow nail polish the night before debut. I wanted to at least make a (bad) attempt at being accurate.
The full costume laid out before debut day at PAX!
The full costume laid out. Badges ready, Transistor ready to go!

The Transistor definitely stole the spotlight that day, and there were even a few people who asked where they could buy one themselves! There were a few moments of awkwardly posing for pictures only to realize that people were only interested in photographing the Transistor and not… me… ;_;

Despite this crushing blow to my self-esteem, my photographer was kind enough to score some shots prior to us walking around and becoming increasingly more sweaty, disheveled, and unfortunate looking.

The Nom-sistor!

The Transistor definitely got a little more popular that day, got plenty of hugs, and even scored some free Transistor flash drives from the Supergiant Games booth!

Cosplay patterns (for the belt) and props created by me!
Cosplay photography by Michael Len!