The RIP-Tire (Junkrat) from Overwatch

Ladies and gentlemen… Start your engines!

As Overwatch has slowly been consuming me nonstop for the past few weeks, it seemed to make sense to take a break… and craft more plush Overwatch things!


Junkrat has become one of my favorite heroes to play lately, and as a homage to his mayhem I figured, why not make a giant plush tire?

Reference picture #1 from the internet.
Reference picture #2 from the internet.

A large circular pillow form (not pictured) was used as the base for the tire as I was worried that hand stuffing would lead to it being weirdly squishy and amorphous. A lot of the original design of the RIP-Tire was simplified to make it more easily translatable to plush form.

The back side of the tire was simply a series of concentric circles with some buttons added to simulate the lug nuts.

Making the back side of the tire. So many circles, and the buttons were actually sewn on like a proper tire (opposite ends while moving in a circle!)

The front side of the tire had a bit more creative liberty with the shapes. A few small eyelets and short braided strains of yarn were added for extra detail. The initial chain links were attached through yarn, that was secured under the top panels.

Making the front side of the tire. Some patient assembly was required to ensure that the order of sewing down the pieces was correct!

Once both sides of the tire were completed, the two halves were sewn together. The pillow form was inserted, and a little extra stuffing added to plump out the weird “corners”.

Connecting the back and front sides of the tire!

Inspired by the chain link I made for my Broken Sword project, I tried my hand at making yet another (but this time longer) plush chain! Each chain link was a small tube of fabric, with some pipe cleaners hidden inside to give each link some type of structure. Though fun to make in smaller quantities, becoming a plush chain link factory was a bit tiring after a while…

The spikes were made from tiny cones. I chose to add a base to them (that would be hidden on the final product) in order to help the spikes keep a somewhat circular shape as I sewed them on to the main body of the tire.

My tiny spike and chain factory…

The chain links were attached to the base links on the tire as they were completed to ensure that I did not overproduce them. The spikes were then sewn on (mostly by eye and with luck) to keep them as evenly distributed as possible.

And finally, with everything attached, the RIP-Tire was completed! FIRE IN THE HOLE!

My current collection of Overwatch themed plush crafts!
Pachimari has a friend now… I guess ;A;