The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Comic Log

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Comic Log

There are two things you need to know: recently I got a sketchbook, and also Breath of the Wild. That, and I am no artist by any means.

I had taken to drawing comics detailing the adventures of my fiance and I as we journeyed through Hyrule together.

Do What You Hestu Do

Hestu is easily one of my favorite characters. I could never skip any of his dance sequences (a different story for my fiance though). For Hestu, I was almost willing to find all of the Korok Seeds ಥ_ಥ


Our Hyrule Compendium quickly devolved into a series of terrible selfies and severely out-of-frame positioning for the things we actually needed to photograph.

Smooth Sailing

I tended to have a more cautious approach to stamina management. My fiance however…

Finding Ko-Rocks

As much as I loved the Koroks, it must have been an intended game mechanic to drop the rocks back onto them, since Nintendo bothered to include the “ow” voice line for them…


Ruta best Divine Beast. Mipha best Champion. Though, the trunk-moving mechanic did lead to some close calls when wandering outside on the trunk… while moving it.

Who is Princess Zorldo?

I have a thing with making plush swords. I am become Master Sword. Sealer of darkness.

Shora HAH Shrine

Something about building torch-activated fountains, right by torches, seemed like a weird aesthetic choice… if we were anywhere except for a shrine.


Despite being able to magically switch outfits instantly, it was still really easy to get into weird situations while wearing suboptimal armor.

Bro Sidon

The biggest crime of this game is that Sidon doesn’t do his signature pose when you take a selfie with him.

Dekuna Matata

Let’s do the same exact thing twice, and expect different results.

Oracle of Seasonings

Also bring me better food next time. Do I look like the Yiga Clan to you?

Breath of the Pizza

…There is no point to this art. Other than the fact that we had pizza the first day we played Breath of the Wild…